In the United Methodist Church, Baptism, along with Communion are considered Holy sacraments.

We believe that Baptism is the movement of God in a child’s life and a public profession of the child’s parents to raise the child in a Christian home. The church body also commits to help raise the child in a holy community and join them on a path for life that is fulfilling, purposeful and joyful.

Baptism is a very special occasion in our church family, because it is at this time that the church family makes a public promise to help raise the child in the ways of God through faith, devotion and love.

As a congregation, we feel that it is our responsibility to uphold our vow in the eyes of God and believe that it is a privilege and honor to help raise a child. However, we realize that we will only be able to uphold this vow if the child is indeed part of our church family.

Baptism may take place at any point in a child’s life; however, infants are typically baptized within the first year of their life. Any child that is baptized before they are able to take the vows for themselves, will make their profession of faith when they are older, in a ceremony called confirmation.

We feel privileged and honored to have you and your child as part of our church family and look forward to a growing relationship with you both, through Jesus Christ!

Please contact the Church Office, if you are interested.